Item Name Cost* Description Used By Level
Rue Potion 5 Minor healing All 1
Amaranth Potion 10 Minor healing All 3
Verbena Potion 10 Poison cure All All
Yarrow Potion 10 Restores mana Sorcerer, Druid, Acolyte, Necrolyte All
Rowan Potion 10 Boosts physique stat All All
Hyssop Potion 10 Boosts agility stat All All
Manastone 10 Boosts mana Sorcerer, Druid, Acolyte, Necrolyte All
Anemone Potion 25 Healing All All
Glowstone 50 Magical light source All All
Horn of Frost*** 50 Magical combat item.
Use horn [target].
Sorcerer 3
Heartstone 100 Teleport back to the town 1 temple from anywhere in the game.
Use heartstone.
Exp lost: 1%
All All
Wand of Lightning*** 100 Magical combat item.
Use wand [target].
Sorcerer 5
Rod of Flame*** 200 Magical combat item.
Use rod [target].
Sorcerer 8
Flamestriker*** 300 Magical combat item.
Use flame [target].
Cocoron of Ice*** 450
Tristone 1000 Teleports player to town 3 All Blue rune req.