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This résumé page is itself part of my resume.

Stephen D. Paulsen
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Elk Grove, CA 95758
Home: 916.683.5240


Over twenty years professional programming experience with skills in software development from analysis, specification, and design through implementation, testing, and debugging. Broad experience with cross platform development and portability, n-tier design, and cooperative computing systems. Over fifteen years working with configuration management tools, especially PVCS Version Manager, and standard and open source make tools.


Seeking a challenging software development position with growth potential that utilizes my design, programming, multi-platform, and Internet experience.

Technical Highlights

Professional Experience

UC Davis - Davis, California
2006 to Present
Programmer VI, Lead

Synergex - Gold River, California
1995 to 2006
Systems Programmer, Lead

Worked as lead programmer porting Serena/Merant PVCS Version Manager (VM) and Config Builder (CB) products to run on numerous Unix systems, including the HP Tru64 Unix, Solaris 10 on AMD64 architecture, Mac OS X, and HP-UX/Itanium platforms.

Specified, designed, and implemented, in Java & Swing, a multi-platform product licensing program for the vendor to generate license keys and the customer to enter, maintain, and track licenses.

Designed and produced Java classes and packages to manage a packet protocol over sockets as part of a team developing a client-to-legacy middleware proxy.
Used this system to develop an ASP web application in VBScript allowing customers to directly generate product license keys online after appropriate authorization.

Designed and developed connection pooling middleware to allow the first Web-based pharmacy, CVS.com (formerly Soma.com), to connect an ASP front-end to legacy pharmacy system in a scalable manner.

Prototyped, in Perl, the automatic generation of Java classes to represent legacy data formats; implemented in Java for production, using the Xerces XML package from Apache.

Proposed and prototyped a system for unit and regression testing using Java introspection, allowing simple "drop-in" of new test modules.

Acted as in-house consultant for other groups on HTML/CSS and Java issues, including a major rework of the HTML, JSP, supporting Javascript, and the sample Java code in an online tutorial.

Taught classes on web based programming at annual developer's conference, and gave presentations to customers on scalability issues and resource pooling.

Worked with a small team under contract to design and implement a revision control and build management system for a major retailer's in-house IT Department. The resulting system allowed for multilevel checkout and build, providing individual developer level build, team level development integration, QA testing, production release candidate, and release to production.

Designed and established in-house processes for cross platform development using PVCS Version Manager and Configuration Builder.

System Integrators, Inc. - Sacramento, California
1989 to 1995
System Programmer V

Worked as part of a 15 member team to design and develop newspaper editorial pre-press software for major publications worldwide. Developed in C for OS/2 in a networked PC environment with Tandem servers.

Designed and created Dynamic Link Libraries to support this system, including dynamic conversion of cell-based terminal data into a GUI dialog box and generalized dialog management functions. This preserved customers' investment in on-line forms by maintaining compatibility with the previous terminal based system and saved extensive reprogramming.

Integrated support for this system's macro language capability and User Defined Keys in all primary modules.

Researched GUI control development for OS/2 Presentation Manager and optimized code, resulting in performance increases of four to five hundred percent.

Wrote assembly language keyboard handler and created card-to-PC protocols enabling cooperation between proprietary hardware/software terminal emulation system and standard PC programs, salvaging a late project and ensuring on-time delivery.

FIserv Fresno - Fresno, California
1985 to 1989
System Programmer II - PC Product Development

Designed a hardware independent programming interface to IBM 3270 communications emulator hardware; implemented on PC in 80x86 assembly as a resident interrupt handler, and in C on Unix as a background message handling daemon.

Provided language interfaces for C, Pascal, BASIC, dBase, Win/DOS batch files, and Unix shell scripts.

Created PC asynchronous communications software in C and assembly, providing file transfer, user macros, and a scripting language.

Implemented PC based "Bulletin Board" system, supporting messaging, standard file transfer protocols, scheduled event execution, and batch transfer to and from CICS systems. Subsequently ported to Unix.

Designed and programmed a language subset of dBase III+ adding extensions required for internal development. Supported dBase file formats, variables, and flow control; and introduced menu, dialog, and I/O control functions.

Performed administration and maintenance on AT&T minicomputers running Unix System V, and designed automatic email routing based on UUCP maps.